Friday, 18 January 2008

Making a Decision- Setting My Own Brief Pharametres

In the beginning of 2nd term of 2nd year of Computer visualisation and animation, we had to decide what and how to do for CVA 204 Industrial Exercises Project Brief I.

Because " a key part of becoming a professional is a good decision making" I need to set my own parametres and objectives for this brief in order to learn to evaluate my own capabilities.

From a list of given options of areas which we should concentrate on, considering what we would like to specialise on later on :

a) 2D conceptualization
b) character animation
c) visualisation (and modelling)
d) visualisation (texturing and rendering)

As I would like to become an art director or concept designer , which demands a broad knowledge of all over animation process, I decided to concentrate on:


-simple scripts
-concept design (specially character design, training Photoshop skills)


-modelling ( I would like to progress my knowledge with different ways of modelling) ,
-texturing (I would like to learn more about UV mapping and do more complex texturing than last time, progress Photoshop knowledge)
-lighting (I would like to find out more about how light affects the surface).
-rendering. I just want to learn more about how I can do high quality still renders, which can be printed and hung in a gallery (different render settings- cartoon shaders,...).

The reason I decided to work by myself this time and not in a group as ussualy is that I would like to train my own decision making and because I would like to gather some fresh work to put into my induvidual showreel in 3rd term.

We were offered few industrially set briefs and I chose to follow the 2nd one for the


Source: Nicola Freeman
Commissioning Editor -- National Gallery Publications

“We need some idents done for the National Gallery’s cinema presentations, maybe your students could come up with some ideas for us? We need a range of five second clips that we can play before during and after our presentations to reinforce the National Gallery’s identity. They can use the gallery’s logo, they can use images from the gallery’s collection, they can use current or future exhibitions as a theme; it would be really nice if they could reflect some of the colours that are used in the new Sainsbury Wing. You know, those lovely deep reds and warm greys.

I went to Sainsburys Wing, searching for those "lovely reds" but Im afraid that there aren't any! Just dull greys!

...It would be great if they came up with a range of ideas… I would like to see six ideas from each of them, but do you think they could give us a paper presentation as well, I don’t know the first thing about computers? A storyboard for each as well as some explanation of why they have taken that approach would be excellent support for their actual animations. I suppose they’re going to have to do a little bit of research into the gallery and what we’re about to really come up with something useful…”

-Do some research into the National Gallery

-Storyboard, explain, and produce 6 FIVE SECOND SEGMENTS of animation to reinforce the identity of the National Gallery.

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