Wednesday, 30 January 2008


I decided to use some different and more creative ways of modeling this time.

To keep looks of models flat, cut-out like, I have 3 modeling options:

1. To use create polygon tool and just draw the preferable shape.

2. To create polygon planes with preferable texture on it and then just cut out the edges with split polygon tool.

3. to create a plane and then extrude edges. One option of extruding an edge to get flat curvy ribbons and strips is to use curves for modeling ( plug in is useful). Curves can be used for modeling only if we delete type history afterwords.
Modeling so far (the textures are just so, for easier viewing), I thought its going to be easier but it takes ages! Specially details and hair, which I decided to model with curves and then extrude polygon edges over them. Its hard to control tweak and twist.

I have to model 12 persons and then also the decorated walls of the national gallery ...and the heavy frame with inscription National Gallery. For wal papers I studied a bit of Arts and Crafts movement, specially those beautifully complicated William Morris's designs.

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