Friday, 18 January 2008

The Scripts and Storyboards

Researching, reading and observing National Gallery, its structure, tradition, visitors,... bunch of ideas arrouse.

First of all I need to do something simple and very effective, because I dont have much time. I would like to experiment, so I decided to express 6 different ideas about National Gallery.

Connection with animation technique:
contemporary popular 3D animation technique used to appear as traditional 2D animation, like the "the future and tradition meet at NG".

I would use only red and grey scale to express favourable colours of the gallery.


-The visitors
Simple 2D characters standing in front the picture (we cant see it) surprised, admiring it. Camera cuts to next frame: picture with National Gallery logo appears.

-The logo and letters
I read that the inventor of galleries logo had quite some problems, to find proper spacings between letters. I would like to express that like a play of letter charaters. They fall from the sky and vividly queue themselves. We cant see what they are doing, just hear sounds of chatting visitors, next frame: the frame falls from the sky and catches them into the logo.

-The transport
The plan of building with public transport avenues and stations....maybe some flash nimamation of moveing silhuettes or points in space- the visitors...all going to the same place.

-The building
The changing architecture through the years inspired me to do morphes.

-The collection
I chose one picture of the whole collection- van Gogh's Sunflowers and animate them as they were alive. I figured out that this is one of most frequently viewed image of the whole collection.

- or another idea: Massy's Tunisian Queen charicature blinking to the young artist who is trying to draw her.

-The Idea " The Life, Death, Passion,Beauty. The National Gallery. every donation counts"

I found this Creative Mind Campaign's ident written on the plastic bag from their library.

Each one of these expressions could serve as separate piece of short animation.

woman with a carriage is watching Arnolfini's portrait (Jan Van Eyck). The wife on the picture touches her belly when the wiever leaves.

An old clumsy woman comes to see Holbein's Ambassadors. The skull the picture is missing. She stops to look at the picture. Suddenly something taps on her shoulder. It's Death.

A charming English Gentleman passes by Massy's Charicature of an old woman. She flirts with him. (bliknks)

Rokaby venus.

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